Character Creation

When creating a character, remember that it does not need to be perfect. I am mainly looking to just have an idea of what your character is like. If information is missing, I can probably piece it together by other bits of information given. If you have a character already made, feel free to modify them slightly to fit into this campaign. If you want to create one from scratch, using this site would probably work best.

In the description/crunch area, the following information would be helpful…

Ability Scores: Give yourself your ability scores here. Fill them out and determine them anyway you want. Having a strong character won’t be the main thing that determines your victories. If you do make a ridiculously overpowered character, I will ask you to change this.

  • Strength: This will mostly affect raw lifting power and toughness.
  • Dexterity: Affects many complicated movements. Also affects movement rate.
  • Constitution: This will affect your character’s general health and toughness.
  • Intelligence: Will help determine knowledge you have. (Note: If I feel your intelligence is high enough and it fits your character, I will give you bits of information you would already know about in this world.)
  • Wisdom: Try to gauge this on your own common sense.
  • Spirit: The strength of where your basic magic comes from. I made this a custom ability for the purpose of using magic. (Note: Not all magic comes directly from one’s own spirit).
  • Charisma: Governs mostly your appearance. I’ll let the player decide how charming they are.

Race: Pick any race you want. Want to pick one of the original? Go ahead! Want to pick a uncommon race? Feel free. Want to make one up? Give it a try! (Note: Most creatures far from a humanoid form will not be allowed.)
Class: You can pick any class you want. I also encourage people to mix classes (try not to go too crazy).

Skills: Pick the skills that seem best suited to your character. Give yourself a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being the worst, 10 being the best) on how proficient you are in this skill. Skills you have no proficiency in are considered 0. This only means your character has not trained in them, not that they are not capable. You may train your characters in certain skills later on, either through experience or being taught. So don’t worry about getting them all down right away. Also, you may list skills that you are poor at. If you are having trouble picking out skills, you may list your characters special characteristics in their bio. This is mainly here to give me more of an idea about your character.

Feats: Pick the feats best suited for your character. If necessary, you may suggest making one up. This is another area where your character may learn a feat through training or experience. Also, you may list feats you are poor at. If you are having trouble picking out feats, you may simply list your characters special characteristics in their bio. This is mainly here to give me more of an idea about your character.

Spells: Pick the spells best suited for your character. Feel free to mingle in other classes with spells similar to your own (try not to go too crazy). This is another area where your character may learn skills later on. You may also list spells your character is working on improving. Lastly, feel free to make your own spells.

Equipment: The basic starting gear your character has. Try to least everything they have, right down to money. Feel free to use any of the already listed weapons (make your own if you feel the need). Make sure to list the main material that goes into the equipment (if you need to, you may make your own material).

Alignment: Don’t feel to restrained to your class in regards to alignment. If you are a paladin, don’t feel like you have to be lawful good. (Note: You may even be a chaotic evil paladin that uses holy magic, if your character has a background of why he changed his ways.)

Age: Age in years. Not months. Not days. Not hours. Not minutes. Maybe seconds. Preferably years. (Note: For the love of all that’s right, please don’t put your age in seconds.)

Height: Height of your character in feet and inches.

Weight: Weight of your character in pounds.

Theme: (Optional) Pick a theme song you think fits your character. Use whatever site you want. Youtube. Megavideo. Whatever you want. Why? Because I like music. And might help me get a feel for your character.

The bio of your character is where you mention their general appearance and background. Also, if there’s anything that needs to be known that you didn’t or couldn’t put anywhere else, put it here.

For the view on what your character could look like, click here

Note: Many NPC characters will not have most or all of their skills and feats for two reasons.
1: It would take far too long.
2: I don’t want you knowing too much information about every character (only certain information that some would know).

Lastly, you may copy and paste the following for quicker way to create your character.

Ability Scores

Character Creation

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