Brood of Bulner

The Brood of Bulner is comprised of the Indios people. They were originally tribes folk who looked for refuge from war and conflict. Eventually, they formed tribes all over Tohan. These tribes would sometimes conflict with each other. However, a man named Content Not Found: blood-lawayn-bulner set forth to bring the tribes together to increase the strength of their demon hunting abilities. Now, he rules as headmaster of all the tribes.

Each tribe is led by a tribe master and tribe elites. All of the elites and masters are considered tribe leaders, and all have a say in the politics and decisions of the tribe. However, if there is no conclusion that can be reached among the tribe leaders, the decision of the tribe will then fall on the tribe master’s decision.

In the organization of Bulner’s tribe, there are the Skins. The Skins were once masters or elites of tribes who possessed remarkable talent and loyalty. It’s unclear of exactly how many the Skins there are, but there are only a few. What is clear is they answer directly to Content Not Found: blood-lawayn-bulner and are used for only critical circumstances. There are also rumors of another force in the Bulner tribe, one that watches over the Skins. But, even less is known about this force and very few have ever stated to have seen them.

The culture in the Bulner restricts many things pertaining to demons, such as their magic and fighting arts. An example of this would be the watch they have ordered on the fabled Blood Monk who is said to have learned his abilities from a demon. Even so, the tribe makes use of demon materials for weapons, such as demon steel or using demon bones.

The Brood of Bulner are not necessarily allies of the Idetha Order, but they are not enemies either. There is even talk of one day the two forces may work together.

Brood of Bulner

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