Arthur Days

1st Class Paladin of the Idetha Order. Well-trained. Well-known. (Test character.)


Ability Scores
Strength: 10
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 12
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 18
Spirit: 13
Charisma: 15
Race: Human
Class: Paladin (1st Class Idetha Paladin)
– Acrobatics = 2
– Bluff = 7
– Climb = 1
– Diplomacy = 8
– Disable Device = 1
– Escape Artist = 1
– Heal = 4
– Knowledge (Geography) = 7
– Knowledge (History) = 5
– Knowledge (Local) = 8
– Knowledge (Nobility) = 4
– Knowledge (Religion) = 7
– Linguistics = Abyssal, Draconic, Dwarven, Elven, Goblin, Indios, Infernal, Orc, Sylvan, Undercommon
– Perception = 6
– Perform (Oratory) = 6
– Ride = 3
– Sense Motive = 8
– Stealth = 1
– Survival = 1
– Swim = 1
– Armor Proficiency, Light; Armor Proficiency, Medium; Armor Proficiency, Heavy
– Bashing Finish
– Bodyguard
– Bull Rush, Improved; Bull Rush, Greater; Bull Rush Strike
– Catch Off Guard
– Cleave; Cleave, Great
– Combat Expertise
– Combat Reflexes; Combat Patrol
– Critical Focus
– Critical, Improved
– Dazing Assault
– Dazzling Display
– Defensive Combat Training; Advanced Defensive Combat Training
– Deflect Arrows
– Devil’s Foe
– Dirty Trick, Improved; Dirty Trick, Greater
– Disarm, Improved; Disarm, Greater; Disarming Strike
– Disruptive
– Dodge; Mobility
– Endurance; Diehard
– Feint, Improved; Feint, Greater
– Gang Up
– Improved Overrun; Charge Through
– In Harm’s Way
– Leadership
– Lookout
– Lunge; Monkey Lunge
– Missile Shield
– Mounted Combat
– Paired Opportunists
– Penetrating Strike
– Power Attack
– Punishing Kick
– Quick Draw
– Saving Shield
– Shield Focus; Covering Defense
– Shield Proficiency
– Shield Wall
– Spellbreaker
– Spring Attack
– Teleport Tactician
– Team Up
– Unarmed Strike, Improved
– Unseat
– Weapon Focus, Longsword
Spells (Paladin):
=Level 1=
– Bless
– Blessing the Watch
– Bless Weapon
– Create Water
– Cure Light Wounds
– Detect Poison
– Read Magic
=Level 2=
– Delay Poison
– Remove Paralysis
– Undetectable Alignment
– Zone of Truth
=Level 3=
– Cure Moderate Wounds
– Daylight
– Heal Mount
– Prayer
– Remove Curse
=Level 4=
– Break Enchantment
– Bloodsworn Retribution
– Cure Serious Wounds
– Death Ward
– Crystal Sabre = Creates a small burst of holy energy extended from the user’s hand. The attack can only be used in small bursts.
– Idetha High Class Steel Field Plate Armor
– Idetha High Class Steel Quickdraw Shield
– Idetha High Class Steel Longsword
– Leather Backpack
Alignment: Lawful Good
Age: 36
Height: 6’ 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Theme: This World Can’t Tear Us Apart


When the people of Tremure are asked about the paladins, many will start by with the man known as Arthur Days. A tall, lanky man. Handsome features along with well-groomed, short and blond hair. Even sports a small amount of light beard stubble. His eyes are a very deep blue (considered one of his most noticeable features).

In the early days of Days’ life, he was quite poor. His family traveled from town to town. This did not hinder Arthur’s knowledge. He learned from each place he visited. The Geography, the cultures, and so forth. He spent much of his time listening and watching everything around him. This was not limited to the harsh realities of the world. Demons and bandits graced the people Arthur met in his life in many ways. It was at a young age that Days decided to make right in the world. It was also his decision to become a paladin of the Idetha Order.

Upon reaching the capital of Idetha, known as Tremure, Arthur found a woman named Rebecca Winsfur working at a local pub. Arthur quickly fell in love with this woman. Even so, he continued his work to become a paladin.

Arthur had to work hard to both fund his schooling and survive his rigorous training. In the midst of this work, he learned that the system was somewhat faulty. There were paladins in power that were corrupted, most of which were working together. They were working for money, and keeping down honest paladins from rising in the ranks. Days realized his chances of making the country a better place were going to become even tougher.

Eventually, Rebecca and Arthur started a relationship. Rebecca helped fund Arthur’s schooling. As time went on, Arthur’s relentless attitude towards taking down the corrupted Paladins put a strain on the relationship. It was in this time Arthur gave a plea out to Rebecca to keep him going. Arthur needed to save this country. Arthur needed to right the Idetha Order. Athur also needed Rebecca to keep him going through all of this. Rebecca realized that the country needed help. In turn, she agreed to help the nation in anyway she could.

Together, Arthur and Rebecca worked to repair the Idetha order. Through much strife and tribulation, Days managed to take many of the corrupt paladins. There are those that still remain in the organization. But, Arthur has now created a firm foothold for justice and equality within the nation of Idetha.

Arthur Days

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